DMT – (Daily MMAXOUT Training) #40

Do each exercise for a split of :30/:10 (:30 on / :10 rest).  Do 3 sets of each exercise at this split before moving on to the next one.  Take a :60 rest between rounds.  Repeat the same exercises and time split for round 2.

(:30/:10) X 3

Round 1

Ball Squats


Frog Jump Sprawls

Box Jumps

Band Hammer Curls

:60 rest (before moving on to Round 2)

(:30/:10) X 3

Round 2

(Same exercises and time split as round 1)



(3 sets)

(do each exercise for :30 before moving onto the next one with no rest between exercises) (that = 1 set)

(you can take a :30 break after all exercises have been completed straight through, then move onto the next set)

(:30) – Flutter Kicks

(:30) – Russian Twists

(:30) – Reverse Crunches


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