DMT – (Daily MMAXOUT Training) #39

EXPLODE through all of the exercises without stopping!!  Once you have completed the whole course you can rest for as long as you need to before going through again.  Push yourself to your maximum potential everytime you go through it!!  Challenge yourself and see how many times you can complete it in 30 mins. then move onto the abs.

15 – Dumbbell Squat Presses

15 – Explosive

20 – Round Kicks (left leg)

20 – Round Kicks (right leg)

10 – Bent Over Rows

20 – Skates

10 – Ribbons (both directions = 1)

20 – Hip Raises

20 – Arm Curls

100 – Rope Skips



(3 sets)

(do each exercise for :30 before moving onto the next one with no rest between exercises) (that = 1 set)

(you can take a :30 break after all exercises have been completed straight through, then move onto the next set)

(:30) – Side Plank (left side)

(:30) – Plank

(:30) – Side Plank (right side)

(:30) – Pikes


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