DMT – (Daily MMAXOUT Training) #38

EXPLODE through all of the exercises without stopping!!  Once you have completed the whole course you can rest for as long as you need to before going through again.  Push yourself to your maximum potential everytime you go through it!!  Challenge yourself and see how many times you can complete it in 30 mins. then move onto the abs.

15 – Box Jumps

10 – Dive Bombers

10 – Jab / Cross Sprawls

20 – Switching Lunges (= 10 each side)

10 – Incline Pushups on Box

10 – Dips

20 – Pump Squats

10 – Supermans

40 – Squated Punch Burnouts

(Stay in a squated position and throw a jab then a cross.  Keep throwing these punches in this position until you reach 40 punches)

40 – Mt. Climbers (with or without sliders)



(4 sets)

25 – Russian Twists

50 – Flutter Kicks

25 – Bicycles

25 – 90 degree Toe Touches w/ Med Ball

(Lay on your back with your legs straight up so that your body is in a 90 degree angle.  Holding a medicine ball reach up and touch your toes with the ball)

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