DMT – (Daily MMAXOUT Training) #25

Reps per exercise: (15,14,13,12…………2)

Split Squats (each leg)

Switching Pushups

Alt. Bag Kick Sprawls

Sumo Deadlifts

Kettlebell Ribbons



(2 sets)

50 – Seated Knee Ups

25 – Shrimps (each side)

(:60) – Plank


What an AMAZING sandwich…….

I just stumbled upon my new favorite sandwich!!!  I had half an avocado left over from breakfast this morning and needed to use it.  I looked around the kitchen to find something to put with it then BOOM, I found it!!! 

2 – slices of wheat toast

handful of spinach

1/2 – avocado

1 – tuna packet

I had some raw almonds on the side and washed it down with a nice cold VitaCoco coconut water!!!

DMT – (Daily MMAXOUT Training) #24

Your goal is to complete 10 sets in 30 mins. 

20 – Box Jumps

20 – Pushups

20 – Goblet Squats (w/ kettlebell or plate)

20 – Dips

20 – Stand Up Punches

(Put your feet under something like you would do for normal crunches.  When you sit up, keep coming all the way up to a standing position, throw a jab/cross combo and then squat back down and into the starting position)



(2 sets)

50 – Pikes

50 – Russian Twists

50 – Floor Wipes

DMT – (Daily MMAXOUT Training) #23

Reps per exercise: (15,14,13,12…………2)

Jump Over Sprawls


Straight Leg Deadlift

Spiderman Pushups

1 – Suicide



(2 sets)

50 – Reverse Crunches

50 – Bicycles

50 – Flutter Kicks


I’m brand new to the whole juice thing and actually never thought of adding it to my routine but let me tell you, I just bought the NutriBullet and I’m HOOKED!!!  I could sit in the kitchen and mix and match fruits and veggies to try all day…….LOL!!  This thing is powerful, easy to use and quick to clean (even without a dishwasher).  Right now my wife and I are making a different drink twice a day and our kids have one when they come home from school.  That is a HUGE bonus for us because the kids complain everytime they have to eat vegetables with their meals.  It’s surprisingly filling considering it’s only a drink.  I recommend picking one of these up and if you haven’t yet, TRY THE JUICE!!!